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Bizcare has access to a full range of hardware from a number of Perth and eastern states based suppliers. We can help with sourcing the right equipment, installing it and then maintaining it in the future. Rather than focusing on the most expensive or the cheapest equipment available, we will listen to your current needs, ask questions to try to work out future needs and then provide options which take all of these factors into account. We match proven business-grade equipment to requirements to keep the total cost of ownership down and maximise system availablity by reducing failures. Bizcare can source upgrade or replacement parts for most PCs and servers. We can also assess problematic equipment and recommend the most cost effective way to fix the problem. Hardware brands that we recommend and work with include HP Enterprise, IBM, QNAP, Lenovo, Cisco, Draytek, Xirrus, Microsoft Surface and more…


Choosing the right software is just as important as selecting the most appropriate hardware. Virtualised platforms such as VMware’s ESXi, or Microsoft’s Hyper-V need to be configured correctly to extract the full benefits from them. Server operating systems such as Windows Server need to be selected correctly to deliver high availability services to employees. Network environments need to be setup correctly from the beginning in order to reduce ongoing maintenance and ensure easy access to the full functionality of the platforms being used. Bizcare can setup and configure Office Suites, Accounting Packages and most other generalised software required by businesses. We can also liaise with your specialist software platform suppliers to ensure that your environment correctly configured for the software.

Bizcare is a Microsoft Partner with Silver Small and Mid-market Cloud Solutions accreditation, VMware Professional partner, StorageCraft partner, Webroot partner and Probax reseller. We are experienced in supporting a wide range of productivity software from a range of vendors. It is important that commercial software such as Microsoft Windows is correctly licenced. Licencing for the vast range of Microsoft products can become very complicated. Bizcare will asssist with making sure you have the appropriate licences. Many software products are moving to a subscription model rather than the more familiar perpetual licence. We can help simplify your administration by including monthly software subscriptions for products such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, StorageCraft and Webroot in one consolidated monthly invoice.

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