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A major component of Managed IT services is the continuous monitoring of computers and other devices in the network. Any monitoring parameters that may indicate an abnormal state generate a ticket in our service desk. The ticket is automatically assigned a priority depending upon the detected conditions and investigated by a technician. The issues vary from temporary conditions such as an interruption to internet connectivity to critical such as a server offline. The majority fall between these examples and indicate an out of bounds condition such as a server or workstation disk reaching 75% capacity. Each ticket is assessed and action taken as appropriate. This proactive maintenance – addressing the issue before failure is reached – greatly increases the availability of the monitored systems. The previous example of a server running out of disk space can be resolved before the server crashes. Expensive downtime and staff frustration are reduced.


There will be times when software bugs, hardware failures or human error result in an IT problem that needs skilled intervention. Our agent that is installed on every managed computer not only monitors and audits that device but also provides secure remote access for our technicians. Provided the device is still connected to the network a technician will often be able to resolve the matter remotely. This may or may not require logging in to the affected device. If the device is offline then a site visit will be required. In this case the information provided by the daily audit and continuous monitoring provides background so that the problem can be resolved as quickly as possible.


One of the benefits of Managed IT Services is fewer surprises. The wealth of information collected by our tools provides an insight into the state of your IT infrastructure. We will advise and consult with you about any major changes that will be required in the future well before that time arrives. These changes may be a refresh cycle, where ageing hardware and/or applications are replaced, or changes to take advantage of emerging technologies such as the opportunities provided by cloud computing or the availability of the National Broadband Network (NBN) in your area. In a mature Manged IT Services environment most of the discussions we have with our clients are about the future rather than fixing current problems.

Cost Effective

Managed IT Services incurs a monthly fee based on the services provided. That fee pays for the agents deployed in your network, cloud services and the skills we use to keep your systems running. Occasionally there will be additional costs when unexpected issues occur. In a mature environment the reduction in unexpected issues will reduce the TCO of your IT infrastructure. This can be a significant saving when the cost of unproductive time and staff frustration is included.

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