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Every day, you hear about the excitement surrounding a new product like the iPhone X. The latest focus for the IT and business world is managed IT services. To support their IT needs, small and medium businesses worldwide are teaming up with managed service providers (MSPs). This is driving the growth of managed services to over $190 billion by 2019.

What is driving companies to use managed IT service providers (MSPs)? Here are 10 reasons SMBs are switching to managed IT.

Offers a Cost-Effective Option

For all businesses, one of the most attractive benefits of managed IT services is that they do not require them to hire additional IT staff. This is a significant cost-saving measure compared with the MSP fees.

Limits of IT Departments

Every IT department has a limit. It’s not a question of “Why should I use an MSP?”. It’s almost a given because their IT department is overwhelmed by responsibilities.

Manages IT Staff’s Time 

Managed IT Services give IT staff the freedom to concentrate on more pressing projects in-house instead of juggling multiple responsibilities.

Delivers the best security

 Security is vital, no matter what industry. An MSP specializes in securing a company’s network, which gives businesses peace of mind.

Provides a Proactive Approach To IT

Businesses choose an MSP because they take a proactive approach. They ensure that networks, mobile devices, and cloud services are always up-to-date with security patches, maintenance, and other updates.

Expert advice is now available

While some IT departments are experts in cloud computing, many may not be as proficient in mobile device management. MSPs provide businesses with direct access to experts in a variety of subjects.

Provides Predictable Monthly Costs 

MSPs provide businesses with a predictable cost. Smaller companies can use future expenses to create a budget and provide accurate financial forecasts.

Enhances Customer Relations and Services 

customer relationships is one way to answer “Why choose managed service providers?” MSPs can reduce or minimize downtime for their clients’ services, whether their online store, VoIP phone system or both. This can help to increase sales.

Increases Workplace Productivity

Companies cite the many benefits of MSPs to improve work productivity. Staff and IT departments will be able to do more with less time by having a stable, secure network and fewer helpdesk tickets.

Prevents Costly Downtime and Breaks 

Security breaches and prolonged downtime can quickly become costly. MSPs help businesses avoid financial risk by providing constant updates on their network and risk assessments, and quick responses to downtime.


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