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Bizcare is a Microsoft Silver partner for Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions. That’s good for us, but why should you as a client care? The obvious answer is that it provides some assurance that we have undertaken relevant training and reached the level of knowledge and skills required by Microsoft to obtain this competency. But there is a more important indirect benefit which is the increased access that it gives us to high level Microsoft support when required. This translates directly to shorter resolution times and less business interruption.

Let me give you an example. We recently had a client who fell victim to a phishing scan which resulted in a substantial loss of funds. The CEO unwittingly provided his Office 365 credentials to the criminals. They then researched the company by reading his email and established the normal pattern for approval of financial transactions. Posing as him they were able to convince the accounts department to process a request for the transfer of funds to an overseas bank account. This type of transaction is not unusual for this company. Accounts became suspicious when acknowledgement of receipt of the funds was received much more quickly than normal – the only mistake the criminals made with the email exchanges. Once we were notified we took immediate steps to re-secure the mailbox and archive the fraudulent email conversations.

The CEO of this company later complained that he wasn’t receiving emails from employees of the same company. Investigation revealed that he was receiving emails from external parties and from some people within the company and could send email, but was not receiving any email from some employees. Our initial checks of his email settings did not show any unusual settings. Given the recent history of this account being compromised we decided to use our partner benefits and involve Microsoft support services. We lodged a support ticket with Microsoft and received a call within 30 minutes from a cloud support engineer. Working with the engineer we were able to quickly establish that the issue was related to the previous criminal activity and fix the problem. There is no doubt that the speedy access to Microsoft assistance helped us resolve this issue for the client more quickly than would have otherwise been possible. A clear example of business partnerships benefiting all involved.

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