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The formation of a successful business idea can be as much a matter of chance and luck as it can be an art, craft and skill. Undoubtedly, you should utilize some of the same methodized techniques used by many of the most popular entrepreneurs, but the truth is, in some cases, luck and chance play a huge part in a person’s success. For example, I had a friend who bought about seventy-five acres of land that he essentially got for dirt cheap. The owner who sold the property for less than peanuts, just wanted out.

The property sat in the middle of seemingly nowhere and the owner wanted to get on with his life without being concerned about the taxes. About two years after selling the property, my friend got an offer from an oil company that he couldn’t refuse. They wanted to lease a parcel of property for one hundred years at a little over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year. As it turns out, there was a highway project that was going to travel parallel to the property. My friend had lucked up on one of the sweetest deals a businessperson could ever imagine. He bought the land for dirt cheap and ended up dab smack in the middle of a highway expansion project that he had no idea of.

As a Business Person You Must Be Ready At All Times!

That one business deal made him a wealthy man! But is that the norm? Not hardly! However, it does happen and I needed to point this aspect of building a business because often times, a great business idea can fall right into your lap. If it does, you’ve got to be ready for it. To be clear, possessing the appropriate qualifications, being in the right spot at the perfect time, as well as working hard to cultivate lucky breaks could possibly be equally crucial in discovering sound business ideas. To put it another way, barring a chance development such as coming up with the next, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, strategic brainstorming and planning is going to be tantamount.

The kick off point for acquiring start up business ideas is found within the mind and heart of every budding entrepreneur as opposed to being revealed in any aspect of the marketplace. As an entrepreneur, you are the driving force behind the ideas, concepts and solutions that can change the economy, the world and reshape history. It’s your abilities, talents and educational acumen, which will determine the particular fields you ultimately delve into and succeed at. In the final analysis, to build a successful business, you need to identify your personal strengths and build a team of individuals around you that bolster your weaknesses. In the business world we call that your Brainstorm Team. All successful businessmen and women have strong Brainstorm Teams.

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