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IT Services in the Industry

Modern companies rely on IT services for their daily operations. No matter what IT services are, they all play a critical role in the daily operations of any company that relies on them. This IT can cover many subjects and areas. Sometimes it is handled in-house. Other times, a third-party provider offers services to facilitate smooth IT operations.

What kind of IT services do you offer? It’s a big question that has a larger answer. Many IT services can be tailored to meet a wide range of business needs. Each company will have a different set of requirements. A managed IT service company in Sacramento may offer different services to one in Seattle. We’ll be breaking down 20 common IT service examples in this article to help you understand what they are, how they are used and how your company can benefit from them.

20 Common IT Services

Let’s now better understand IT services and their place in the industry. Some are general, while others are specific to certain utilities.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT A broad, comprehensive type of service. managed IT is often a part of an MSP which handles single or multiple IT services. Managed IT services are most commonly used to manage remote servers, desktops, and device management. Remote cybersecurity is another common use.

Cloud Backup Services

The cloud is versatile and can support many virtual services such as programs and operating systems. Cloud backups are an integral part of this service model. This allows users and companies to save their data on cloud servers outside of their physical location, which can prevent hardware failures or other issues. Service providers typically handle cloud backup for monthly or annual fees.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

VoIP is one of many communication options that the internet and broadband connections offer. This IT service uses a person’s internet to replace a telephone line. It allows the user to make and take calls with their ISP. VoIP phones are also capable of allowing voice calls and chats. VoIP phones typically require a subscription to a service rather than a traditional phone line.

Monitoring Services

A monitoring application, which is similar to security services, can be found with an MSP. It does what it says: monitors servers, internet traffic, security, communications, and any other information required by an enterprise. This service is useful for small businesses lacking IT resources but still, need robust IT support/features. These responsibilities can include updating software/antivirus automatically and monitoring hardware integrity with SMART programs.

Data Backup and Recovery

Many providers offer data backup using the cloud, and others with external data centres. Regardless of the method, data backup is the protection of information in the event of an unforeseen problem, such as a natural disaster, malicious intrusions, or hardware failure. This is often called a “BDR strategy” or “backup disaster recovery.” Most organizations consider having backup essential to avoid downtime or information loss.

Firewall Services

Firewalls are an integral part of any cybersecurity strategy. While most companies have their firewalls in place, some will use a third party for additional firewall options. The provider can offer different options.

For example, some firewalls can be hybrid models that allow additional network monitoring and control options beyond the standard rulesets. Some firewalls may offer a single solution covering all remote devices and internal networks. Each company’s needs will dictate the specific requirements.

Cybersecurity Services

This broad category includes all types of services that fall under cybersecurity. It’s the act or process of protecting networks and data against malicious attacks using various methods. These include network monitoring, firewalls and antivirus. Layered networks are also included. It is often managed by a provider but can also be done on-site. Cybersecurity services can be very valuable because they have more resources and are run by experienced staff.

The importance of cybersecurity is a key component in any IT service.

Office 365/Email

Office 365 is Microsoft’s all-inclusive package that includes programs such as Word and Excel. This is a great option for companies that require different software to organize documents but don’t want to pay a monthly subscription. This is also known as software as a service (software as a service). Office 365 can also be used as a cloud server or updated email management platform. Office 365 is a great option for companies that rely on email for communication.

Anti-Virus Protection

Antivirus services, a subset of cybersecurity, are probably one of the industry’s most popular types of IT services. Anti-malware protection is mandatory and can be provided in software or monitoring. Due to the ever-changing threat of malware in the modern world, all IT companies must have some antivirus software installed.

Business Intelligence

Business success is dependent on big data. There is a lot of information that a company can access. How it’s gathered depends on what tool was used. Business intelligence services analyze, extract and transform the information into useful reports. Modern business intelligence covers everything, from financial costs to click through rates for an article at a particular time of the day.

Remote Support

As the name suggests, remote support allows IT professionals to provide support services remotely. Sometimes, they can even control a device via the internet to help with troubleshooting issues. Remote support can assist with software repairs, IT assistance, and other requirements. It is very useful for those IT specialists who aren’t physically available. An MSP can usually handle this.


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