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Bizcare uses a leading IT Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool called Autotask to deliver services to our clients. One of the components of this tool is a sophisticated service desk. We tracked all the work we do for clients as a ticket in the service desk. We record all stages from initial creation of the job to resolution and billing. Technicians record detail of the work performed as well as the time taken to complete the work. We track all work in detail and account for time spent on the work in one tenth of an hour increments, no matter whether you are using us for the first time or are a managed client .

There are three main sources of tickets in the service desk. The first come from day to day issues that arise, generally referred to as ‘break-fix’. The second category is tickets that are generated automatically by our Managed IT Services monitoring tools. Technicians examine these tickets and take action as required. The third category of tickets relate to projects that we undertake for clients, such as a new system installation or network upgrade. These type of projects are generally split into multiple tickets that cover different phases of the work.

How to Ask for Help

We know that there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to contact someone when you need help. We provide a range of ways for you to contact us.


If you need to contact us in a hurry calling will be the fastest way to talk to a technician. You can call our office number or the mobile number of your regular technician if you are an existing client.

Send us a Message

You can send us a message from our contact us page and we will get back to you within 1 business day (normally much more quickly).

Create a Ticket

If you are a managed client you can create a ticket directly in our service desk. First, locate the Bizcare icon in the bottom right hand corner of your monitor

1. Then the ‘Tickets’ tab at the top of the window

2. And finally click on ‘New Ticket’ to get

Enter the ticket title and description of the problem you are having. This will create a ticket in the service desk. A technician will then assess the ticket and be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Job Tracking

We create tickets for all tasks in our service desk regardless of the size of the job. This makes sure that all work is tracked and dealt with as quickly as possible. This detailed level of tracking has benefits for both you as a client and us as a service provider. It makes sure that any materials required for the work are available when required, any onsite work is scheduled at a convenient time, and all work is completed on time. Technicians and administrative staff record work performed, materials used and any other details relevant to the ticket. When all work has been completed the ticket is closed. If the work is billable the system generates an invoice and emails it to the billing contact of the client. The ticket containing the complete life cycle of a job from start to finish provides a permanent record of actions taken and materials used. This can be particularly useful in identifying recurring issues with hardware or software.

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