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SharePoint is a browser based collaboration and document management system. It has been around for many years and until relatively recently required on premises servers and a team of administrators and developers to be useful and productive. SharePoint Online is a similar platform but hosted and maintained by Microsoft. Small businesses can now use the same technology that a few years ago was only available to mid to enterprise size organisations. Best of all, SharePoint Online is included in most Office 365 business subscriptions. The default implementation of SharePoint online provides one Team Site and, behind the scenes,  OneDrive for Business storage spaces. The team site is functional but only provides a simple document library, calendar etc so most businesses will need to customise their SharePoint Online service.

Team Collaboration

SharePoint Online can be used as a simple document library, but the real power of the tool is in providing the tools and controls for collaborative working. People within your business can work together, even on the same document at the same time. Documents can be created and edited using all the familiar tools in the Office Suite. You can either use the online version of application (eg Word) or work on a local copy of the document on your computer. SharePoint Online will look after the version control of the document to make sure that your work is not lost or overwritten.

This cloud version of SharePoint provides access to company data wherever you happen to be. There is a SharePoint app for mobile devices that makes it easy to find the document you need. One of the most powerful features of SharePoint is its search ability. We can help you set up SharePoint to use metadata tags to optimise this technologies impressive searching capability. There is much more to SharePoint Online than just documents. For example, SharePoint access can be extended to customers and suppliers. You can create newsfeeds so that all members of your team stay up to date, implement shared calendars for scheduling of resources, make colleagues aware of new content, and much more.

Managed For You

SharePoint Online is a very powerful but also complex platform. Bizcare will work with you to design, implement and maintain a SharePoint structure that works for your business. Every SharePoint design is different. Our experience means that we can avoid some of the common pitfalls with the initial design and implementation and then refine features as you begin to use the system. We will help with training if required. As you use the system you will find better and different ways to work and we will help you implement those changes. A successful SharePoint Online implementation becomes the information centre of your business and will continue to change as your business evolves and grows.

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